How far back should a resume go

How far back should a resume go

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If you have little experience. then it will be hard for you: few people want to train their staff, everyone is waiting for ready-made specialists who were taught by someone else at their own expense. Experience needs to be enhanced. Write then about everything. Have you had an internship at the enterprise? They spat at the ceiling and you just signed a document on the passage of this mandatory item. But anyway, write that you were an assistant there, learned the basics of the profession and at the end, following the results, suggested some kind of workflow optimization (well, in the diploma you wrote something on this point, so you can tell).

Helped mom or dad at work with the papers at their work? Write: worked for some time without a work book, was engaged in the organization of workflow. Helped my grandfather in the country weed beds? Joke) But in general, you understand. If you don’t have any experience at all, you can come up with it, based on your knowledge of the profession and any other information about it, just to say that you didn’t work hard.

Any of your experiences one way or another related to the work activity can be a little expanded in its description. Only if you specify pre-diploma practice, side job without a contract, etc. then it should be explained that work at a production plant was a pre-diploma practice (write in parentheses, after the name of the organization and position “pre-diploma practice”), and your work on organizing the workflow with your dad at the company was just a part-time job without an employment contract.

This should be done in order to not catch the eye of the fact that you have changed several jobs in a short period of time, this says that you cannot stay in one place and do not speak in favor of your professionalism. And when you write that this is a practice, everything is immediately clear, everyone has been through it and they understand what it is. The more professional skills: knowledge of world languages, programming languages, computer programs, passing special courses, the better.