How to list references on a resume

How to list references on a resume

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Before you make a resume, you must read an example of correctly filling out this column. It will be correct if the places of work are indicated in the reverse order of chronology. A sample of this order: Places of part-time work must be indicated only if the experience of this work is important to obtain the desired position. Example: it is not necessary to indicate a part-time job as a cleaner in an office if the applicant wants to occupy the position of a newspaper editor. But the work of a freelance correspondent for the district newspaper in this case is not only appropriate to indicate, but also extremely beneficial.

You can also briefly describe the work being done, taking this extract as an example of this paragraph: [quote] “Freelance correspondent for the regional newspaper“ Time I was instructed to fill out the sections “Police Chronicles” and “Childhood happy time!” The article about orphans had a public response, as a result, 5 children from an orphanage were passed for adoption to families. Quote Step Seven: Fill in the column with additional data The resume plan may not contain this column, but it will be better if the applicant finds the necessary data in his biography. It: For teachers, this may be the presence of additional music education or skills in needlework, their own books or dance, theater skills. Sports achievements can also increase the chance to take the intended position.

Step Eight: filling in the recommendations box If a job seeker is looking for a job for the first time, then most likely it is not necessary to include it in the resume drafting plan. But it is desirable that a written summary should prove to the employer: a sample of a qualified specialist, able and knowledgeable, talented and enterprising, is precisely he who aspires to the position. Therefore, it is very important to discuss this point in advance with former employers. You can get a recommendation in writing, but it must be certified. A huge advantage to the applicant will be if the document contains the work phone number of the former employer.

Step Nine: Volume and Literacy Summary Filling the document It is not worth thinking that the conductor or the seller is not so important to have literacy and culture of speech. An educated person is always valued above the ignorant. Therefore, before submitting a resume to work, you should check the template through the “editor” program in the Microsoft Office or even ask for help from someone who has higher knowledge of Russian. Do not write about yourself too poorly, but too voluminous summary is unlikely to bring much benefit. It will tell you how to properly prepare a resume, this sample.