How to spell resume

How to spell resume

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Specify everything, if somewhere you once did something: you put on html, spoke broken French a little, passed some modeling methods at the institute that are used in business. Write html basic level, French basic knowledge, etc. Even if you do not remember any of this. Let it be and if you are invited to a vacancy where one of these is required, then you will need to simply show your knowledge in general terms. This is better than demonstrating zero knowledge, since the fact that you at least know something indicates that it is not difficult for you to learn something or to catch up. So do not hesitate and write how much you know, it will not be superfluous information.

If you liked a job, you fit its requirements, but do not meet only one point: a specialist in your level is required to have an average knowledge of SQL, this is sometimes necessary at work, but not always. You have never heard of this, it makes sense to google and get a general idea. I think you already guessed why. Right! To write to the summary of SQL basic knowledge. At the interview, you can say that they used it in practice, just think up how or ask around friends who did it.

This of course depends on the skill itself, SQL at the most primitive level is really not so difficult, it all comes down to a set of basic commands and queries. It will be harder to come up with something for a programming language, especially when you didn’t do it and all the functionality of this job comes down to writing programs in that language. In short, I think you understand that if we are talking about some side functions that require something simple, such as knowledge of the State Standard Committee, standards, some international rules, there is always a sense to get acquainted with it right on the eve of the interview and indicate this information in summary.

That’s all, I wish you good luck in your job search, I advise you not to be content with small things, not to be led by other people’s interests and find a job that would suit you the most. Do not hesitate to show your knowledge and skills, do not be afraid to praise yourself: excess modesty need nothing in this matter. Job search begins with a resume, approach this responsibly and do not be lazy to work on it!